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Fundraising Coffee Morning


and thank you to everyone who made the Coffee Morning a huge success.

We raised over £850, with more donations still coming in.

The money will aid the refurbishment of the Winchelsea New Hall.


If you would like to support us then please consider some of the many ways you can help maintain and improve this valuable and well-loved community space.

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Our current project is for a new front door. Or take a look at other items in the list below.

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New doors for New Hall

The next big thing we want to do is replace the front doors to make them easily accessible for people in wheelchairs, walkers, and walking sticks. In the process we hope to address other issues including draught-proofing and noise pollution – the hall is situated on the A259 and passing traffic can sometimes disturb the peace of a talk

The current door has two equal parts and it’s difficult for wheelchair or walker users to negotiate opening two doors. Our Management Committee member Rob Mortimer is an architect and has come up with an innovative solution of replacing the doors ,which will allow wheelchair users and walkers through easily, just by opening one door.

Summer Fete 2017

Volunteers Needed

We are already planning for the 2017 Summer Fete, in conjunction with the Cricket Club.

These events take a lot of organising and help on the day.

If you can join an organising committee, small sub committees, or just want to help on the day please contact us. You will be very warmly welcomed.

Our next improvements are ELECTRIC!

The next set of maintenance, repairs and improvement to the hall are all to do with electricity.

  1. The old kitchen lighting will be improved to aid washing-up, particularly for those who are partially sighted.
  2. A Portable Appliance Test (PAT) will be undertaken to ensure all electrical appliances meet high standards of safety.
  3. The under-stage stores (both front and back) will have lighting added.
  4. The stage side lights will be converted to low energy ones, to eliminate a fire risk.
  5. The smoke alarms will be renewed with a 10-year battery-life type (all interlinked).
  6. The emergency lighting will be serviced.
  7. The exterior lighting will be adapted to have one on a delay. This will allow the last person out to leave the premises under illumination.

Refurbishment and repairs made in 2016

So far the following items have been completed by the New Hall Management Committee in 2016, with help from our sponsors, supporters and the hall’s own funds.

1. New sound system with hearing loop for use with hearing aids.

2. New hot water tea urn.

3. A new notice board.

4. Electric projector screen fixed.

5. Pre-set temperature control being set each week, so the hall is heated two hours prior to usage.

6. Renewed lighting to table store.

7. Heavy duty lift handles added to the rear stage trap doors to allow access to storage.

8. Clearing and cleaning of cloakroom and kitchen.

9. New teapots and trays.

10. Grab rails added to two toilets – one each in Ladies and Gents.

11. The kitchen window facing the cricket field can now be opened.

12. New low wattage ceiling lights in main hall to stop a shadow being cast and reduce electricity used.

13. Health and Safety risk assessment made with some things put into place immediately: safety rubber cable cover, safety hazard tape at fire escape exits and new fire action signs.

14. Wall light added.

15. A cupboard has been removed from behind the entrance door to the ladies toilet, to help make it wheelchair accessible.

16. Signage for designated disabled parking space, for when the hall is in use.

17. Removal of smaller stage table.

18. Removal of old curtains in kitchen and cloakroom.

19. Bin area improvement.

20. Repair of some card tables.

21. Removal of unused music organ from back of stage.

22. Professional stage light bulb replaced.

Support future repairs and refurbishment

Relocation of heating pipes which are by the emergency exit doors
Fire exit door repairs
Under stage repairs
Defibrillator (in hand)
Make the disabled ramp flush with the door and consider extending it to the car park.
Fill pot holes in car park
Grab rails along stairs up to the stage
Large fridge
Improve first kitchen lighting
Renew interior decoration
Renew stage curtain lining and pelmet (in hand)
New curtains, with the old ones being converted for use at the back of the stage and removal of middle heater to accommodate.
Refurbish shield above stage (in hand)
Add a mechanism for putting up banners in the hall
Protect lighting control in the table store
Blinds which work

Looking to the future

The following are items which are part of longer term development/repair plans:
Finishing kitchen
Badminton and/or table tennis
Sound proofing to soften sound vibration at big events, for the hard of hearing
Designated disabled toilet in an extended cloakroom
Draft proofing and thermal insulation
Ambient lighting
Double glazing
Reflecting panels above stage
Make decking area flush with fire exit door
Roof repairs

Special thanks

There are so many people who have helped fundraise and given their time and expertise generously. Here are just a few:

Felix Lozano – for very kindly producing the website

Over seventy people who participated in our survey

Over 15 people who participated in our consultations

The fundraising team organising the Christmas Fair

The fundraising team organising the Coffee Morning

The Bonfire Boyes for allowing us to provide teas at their Medieval Street Fair

List of Grants

Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm Fund (through the Sussex Community Foundation)

Second Wednesday Society

Icklesham Parish Council

New Hall Society Fund